Saturday, 15 May 2010


This day has been written in my stars for a while now; well that’s what I believe anyway. But until now I just didn’t realise how many people it takes to actually terminate one person’s contract.
There was the Vice Principal – his job was to tell me my rights and apparently he is the only person who can terminate contracts.

Then there was HR lady – her job was to give advice to the vice principal (and not very well if I may add) she spent most of her time fumbling with her paperwork.

Then there was the Line Manager – her job was to hand me the tissues as it was quite an emotional meeting.

Then last but not least there was the Head of my department – not even sure why she was there but still it made a tiny room look very full.

With my cuppa in hand I was lead into a tiny room, were I was basically told because I couldn’t return to my post, after suffering from a nightmare year my contract would now be terminated.

I felt like an apprentice being fire by Sir Alan Sugar, I almost wish I was he is so much more entertaining to watch than the fab four I had to put up with! The meeting was quick and simple; I was told that my contract was being terminated due to the fact that they could not offer me another position within the company.

There were a few tears; maybe it was sheer relief that I was finally free after 6 years. But I think they may have been tears of sadness as after 6 years I had made some amazing friends and I was going to miss them very much.

But three days on I’m now convinced that this day was written in my stars, as I want bigger and better things for my future, and do you know what it might have just happened.

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