Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Mummy gets a Promotion!

Well us mum’s know only too well how hard we work, if we aren’t making sure the house work is done then there is the laundry to do, kids to look after and not before we have been to work and done an 8 hour day. Our Job description if we had one would look like a copy of war and peace. But we get on with everything and no gold stars needed.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found out that Handpicked Media wanted my blog. Yes you heard right MY BLOG. I nearly fainted with excitement, these guys only take the best and mine was one of them. The screams could probably be heard from Eastham to Lands End (well muted screams) I did have Laryngitis at the time.

The kid’s responses where the best as Teenage Mission asked the definitive question:

“Does this mean we can go Xbox game shopping now?”

Drama Mission asked:

“Does this mean we will have to move to London? I hope so have you seen how many shops they have?” She takes after her mum.

Princess asked:

“Did it hurt?”


“what do you mean sweetie?”


“When they Handpicked you?”

After a little explanation she understood, a bit better I think. Although she still has a tendency to come over and rub my arm better.

Then Monsters reply has to be the best:

“Mummy’s Blog is going to be on the Handpicked site”


“OK, But can I have sweets now?”

Well that was it the whole family were so please at mummy’s success. My parents and sisters called with congratulations messages and friends were texting with well done messages.

I felt like I had landed a job with Sir Alan himself, so a massive thank you goes out to the handpicked team and for making me feel like a part of this lovely family.

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  1. You should always celebrate with sweets! Welcome aboard and look forward to working with you! Krista x