Friday, 21 January 2011

7 Things about Me You May Never Forget!

Thanks to the lovely LincolnandMe, I have found myself being tagged in my first Meme post.

Now as you will all know I adore the lovely Lincolnandme but I am not sure I have 7 very interesting things you would want to know about me, but never one to say no I promised to give it a go.

  • As you all know I have four beautiful children, but only one of them was actually planned.  Well surprises are the best.  Little Princess Mission (Now 10) was the only planned Mission.

  • I was once asked out on a date by an Everton Footballer, only to turn him down because I thought it was a joke.  Found out later it wasn’t and kicked myself, who wants to be a WAG anyway.


  • I have the most annoying habit that drives my family insane, as I am OCD when it comes to clean washing.  If Teenage Mission has failed to put the washing away that I put on his bed and then he puts it on the floor (because the wardrobe is a hard place to find) I have to wash it all again.


  • I have 2 major phobia’s Snakes and Spiders if I got to the Zoo (where my hubby works) I refuse to go into the reptile house as I am afraid they will escape.


  • When I was 19 I went to Australia on holiday and I met the most amazing man in the world, (forgetting I had a boyfriend at home) we had the most amazing whirlwind romance, sadly I had to come home.  Leaving Mr Australia behind, feeling bad about Mr England I called him and told him I couldn’t see him anymore and that was the end of that.


  • Up until I was 21 I had a 24” waist, those where the days.  Sadly Teenage Mission put an end to that, as I put on 4 stone whilst being pregnant with him!


  • I have actually known my hubby since I was 7, we went to the same primary school and we hung around in the same places.  He never really appealed to me back then.


Right so that’s little old me, not very interesting I know but me all the same.

Lots of Love

Mummy Mission

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