Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bad Mummy Club - Can the next Mummy step forward Please?

Today's Bad Mummy Club will be brought to you by the lovely

@TheMummyLife .  As usual minutes will be taken for those Bad Mummy's who can't attend because they are eating biscuits and watching Jeremy Kyle.

Ok so id like to join!, let me introduce myself..... I'm Laura and im 26 and also a first time mum to a boisterous 12 month old (takes cover from a piece of flying banana - uhum cake) - i'd like to take refuge here. Thankyou.

I give him sweet things, cake, wotsits - all in moderation (of course) but you can't eat around him without wanting to retrieve the yumminess from the inside of your mouth whilst your chewing! I also give him green stuff - so its not THAT bad, however the green stuff *may* have been from a microwave veggie steam bag. Its still green.

I still use jars... well those steam meals actually.. god forbid he eats the food I cook.... I'll definitely be sticking to the jars *for his own good* for the foreseeable future.

Sometimes I ignore him in the mornings when I can hear him talking in his cot and I'm so exhausted I cant move my rump out of bed - if I'm lucky he will fall asleep again. If not he will come play on my bed until I'm able to get out!

Little Einsteins is a miracle worker. I LOVE BT vision.

I have been known to put tights on him - some think tights on a boy is cruel (never pink!) but he cant pull his socks off that way ;)

He gets bathed only 2-3 times a week - what do you think baby wipes are for?!?!?! (granted if he's smeared in food or his own poo we will bend this rule)

I absolutely adore my boy and he is the happiest smiliest little guy I know , some would call me a bad mummy but how can I be THAT bad when he's healthy and happy?

I would like my star though ;)

Life isn't about rules, life is about living and living well, whatever your parenting technique or routine. You children's happiness is the main factor.

Well done ladies in the Bad mummy Club - bringing up kids is hard work!!! we are all doing fantastically :)

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  1. It's so thrilling to learn that you are not the only Bad Mother out there (I think a star would look lovely on my blog too).....I thank you for this feature, and for the souls who are brave enough to admit their 'sins'. I love that you stay in bed for as long as possible Laura!