Friday, 25 February 2011

Bad Mummy Club - Can the next mummy step forward please?

Today’s mummy come to us in the shape of the lovely @scrapbookerry, she is a working mummy, blogger and I’m sure you will all agree after reading this post a Bad Mummy.

As usual minutes will be taken for those of you still in bed or just can’t be bothered attending.

So where do I sign up? It’s not a difficult thing is it, to join, not like being a mum?

So what do you want to know, I suppose I had better start from the beginning. I am 30, yes that is right 30 (I am still coming to terms with that) and a mum to a very sprightly 2 year 4 month old boy.

But I need to join the Bad Mummy Club shall I tell you why...

1) My baby Baba he wakes at 5.30 am to 6 am everyday but we don’t go downstairs until 7.30 am, because of the dog don’t you know. What I do is I let him in my bed! I know, I know awful and I then commit the cardinal sin, I put on the TV and the PlayStation and put BBC I player on and let him watch Cbeebies, or sometimes I put YouTube on and he watches Mickey Mouse. I then lay back down and rest, while he watches TV.

2) My child likes to eat, and I let him eat when he wants. If he wants sugary sweets I let him have them, he eats chocolate, and lollipops and crisps. If he likes it he can have it.

3) He has also had Coke Zero before oh slap me now.

4) Some days do you know we don’t get dressed till 12, we lounge about. He wants a movie on I let him watch them, and we sit under the covers in a PJs and watch it. When it is finished we may get dressed.

5) Baba has a routine at night, but if he is having fun, then I will let him stay up. Sometimes he stays up to 9 pm I know awful aren’t I but if he isn’t tired what is the point with battling with him.

6) When we walk the dog, in the woods or on the beach I don’t always hold his hand. I let him run I let him be free.

7) If he is screaming too much in the car, and is actually fine, yes I have put the music on a little louder and I am fine with that. It is usually because he is tired and he always goes to sleep with music.

8) I eat his chocolate; seriously he gets far too much when I am working late at night and am hungry I will eat it.

9) I lie, generally about the last point, I tell him he ate it all and never mention that Mummy ate it. But I lie about other things too, like when I want to watch Loose Women and his channels have broke you know little things like that.

10) But do you know the cardinal sin, I send him off to Nannies with a little glint of pleasure. Because I have got a day too myself to do things I want to do. Even if it is just work!

I love my son dearly, and unconditionally and would walk the world for him, so please let me join the bad mummy club as I think I am entitled.

Kerry xx

 Bad Mummy club star for the lovely Kerry, Welcome to the club!


  1. and the problem with any of that is? no issues there for me - I love that you let him run as you want him to be free - that struck a note with me - Im the same with my girls I WANT them to push their limits and push out - be strong and independent and they cant so that if their wings are pinned by too much cotton wool xx

  2. Kerry, you sound like a great bad mummy! I have to admit to all of those, oh except the Coke, but only because the thought of what my two would be like having consumed caffeine is too exhausting to even think about. I do leave nursery every Friday morning trying not to skip and hop as I go, because as much as I love and adore my children, having a few hours to myself is bliss, even if I do have to work, clean or both. And they love going too, as soon as they run through the door it's a case of 'mummy who?' so I don't feel bad at all about leaving them!! How awful of me :-O x

  3. Oh you truly are a bad mummy Kerry, love it! x

  4. All sounds very normal to me! Mich x