Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Do you remember when?

 I was asked a serious question by my beautiful daughter Princess Mission today:

“Mummy, when you were little was everything Black and White?”

Bloody hell how old does she think I am?  I mean I know I’m turning 35 on my next birthday but seriously I’m really NOT that old *looks around for sniggers*

So this got me thinking (It takes time believe me) when I was a kid life was simple, carefree and filled with excitement. 

We had a Milk Man, if your window was open on a hot summer’s night you would hear him around 5am with his electric milk float and the sound of the bottles tapping against each other.   Not to mention on a Friday when your mum realised she didn’t have enough money to pay the milk man and got you to hide behind the sofa so he thought no one was home. (Maybe that was just us)

The Postman would come BEFORE breakfast and again at lunchtime (yes twice in the same day) none of this Health and Safety malarkey, posties where made to work for their less than minimum wage pay packet.

We also had a Pop Man, he would roll up in his van on a Thursday (payday) and sell your mum as many bottles (glass again) of pop she could carry.  Cola, Orangeade, Green cream soda that your Nan would put ice cream in if you were good.   If your pop man sold good pop, Barr mainly then you could take the bottles back to your local shop and get 10p or 12p from the shop keeper for taking the bottles back.

We had doctors that would make HOME VISITS, not just on a weekend but if you were sick after 5pm on a weekday, there was none of this out of hour’s fiasco.  Your mum would call the doctor and he would be at your house quicker than you could say Boo (well not quite but almost) and it would be your doctor the one you would see every time you were sick.  You knew his or her name and they knew everything about you warts and all (but we won’t discuss that on here)

We had proper coins, none of this fiddly five pence thing, coins where big and bulky and when you had a load of change in your pocket you felt like the richest kid in the street.  We had massive 50 pence pieces, 10 pence’s that would injure you if you dropped it, 5 pence pieces to be proud of, penny’s that you could find in your purse and half pence pieces because you could buy things in a shop with those little babies.

It wasn’t just the coins that were better we had pound notes.  If you were lucky enough to be given one by a rich relative or your mum for tidying your room for the last 12 months then you were so rich.  But you wouldn’t dare spend it, oh hell no because you would only get coins if you spent it.  We had fivers that where as big as a ten pound note, now they were notes that you could be proud of.

We used to go out at 9 in the morning on our bikes and come home when we were hungry.  There was none of this Mobile phone tagging that we have got going on with our kids.  Our mums knew we would be back or knew exactly which friend’s house we would be at without even asking.

School Dinners were on proper plates, none of these rationing trays that our kids have, and Jamie Oliver would have flipped because if you wanted chips and gravy everyday then the dinner ladies would never say no (they may have even given you a little extra).

School Dinner Ladies, looked like you aunties and smelt like your Nan.  With their Charlie perfume on they were always ready and willing to give out hugs when needed.

Teachers they were loud and scarey (well some of them) and we never knew their first names or age. (we didn't dare ask either)

Playground Games, oh so many to mention, British Bull dog, The Tennis ball in a pair of your mums American tan tights, conker fights, kiss chase, what’s the time Mr Wolf. I could go on and on, playtime was fun time a chance to run around like a complete loon and no one would stop you.

Neighbours, (I’m not talking the Australian variety) you would know every single one of them even if they lived 30 houses away.  They would know all about you and your family and would always tell you off if you were being naughty.  You would never be rude or disrespectful to them as your mum or dad would kill you.

Street Parties, a Royal wedding, a Royal Jubilee or even a Conservative Prime minister resigning there would always be a street party.  An excuse for the elderly neighbours of the street a chance to show those young ones how it’s done.

Payday was a weekly occasion, normally celebrated by going shopping to the kwik save, buying pop from the pop man and a chippy tea. Oh how I miss those days.

Tape Players/walkmans, you would feel so grown up with your Walkman on, bopping around the living room to Jason Donovan.  The only downside is when the battery’s started to run out Jason would sound a little slllooowwww.

Records, singles or if you were lucky you would have an album.  You would have to check the needle on the record player for fluff and if you scratched it then Kylie would never sound the same again.

Taping your favourite songs from the top 40, now that was how to spend a Sunday night which was also Bath Night.  Your would put your tape in and have to press play, record and pause at the same,  time, then it would be a challenge to pause the tape before Doctor Fox came on and ruined your mix tape.

Bath Night, Sunday night ready for school the next day, hair washed, clean pj’s at the ready and 7 o’clock bed.

So this was my childhood, tomorrow I shall be blogging about the same thing but through the eyes of our kids let’s see how different things REALLY are.

Lots of love



  1. I can so relate to most of this except in my early childhood it was ha'pennys, threepenny bits,tanners (sixpence) , half crowns and expensive items was in guineas

  2. This had me laughing so much! We had a very similar childhood!
    God I miss the pop man!


  3. Wow you just took me WAY back!! I *loved* the ice cream sodas and also shortbread in chocolate custard we got in school sometimes! Teachers used to hit us with a slipper if we were naughty (so you would never dare be).

    I also (when I was little) asked if my mum wrote with a feather when she was in school and also if she ever wore the welsh knot!! Lol xxxx

  4. This makes me so sad, nothing is like it used to be and our kiddies are missing out on so much.
    Bring back the good old days!