Monday, 28 February 2011

Good Friend Bad Friend...You decided?

Someone once told me that friends are like stars and although you can't always see them, you can be sure they're always there for you.

Like most of you I have a lot of friends, but only a handful I would call real friends.  The one’s you know you could call in the middle of the night, the one’s you could trust with your deepest darkest secrets and the one’s that would listen to you moan for hours on end and then turn around and just give you a massive hug to make you feel loved.

I have the most amazing friends in the whole wide world, they make me smile every time they text, call, facebook me or even tweet me.  I even have friends I haven’t met yet, but I know that when I do, it will be like we have been friends forever.

My oldest friends are the ones I love the most:

My little sister Hannah is one of my closest friends.  She is godmother to my youngest two babies, we laugh, we cry and we had our baby boys within two weeks of each other.

My tiniest sister Kate, she is going to be godmother to my youngest baby monster, she is like my very own daughter (my mum had her when I was 15) she is always around when I need her.

My little cousin Netty, she is amazing, she gives the best advice and is always around to make me chuckle.

My oldest friend Poe, she has an amazing knack of making me smile, we have shared some fun times and sad times but I always know she is there for me when I need her and vice versa.

My oldest friend Lou, we used to get into trouble together.  Sharing chocolate on the bus on the way to school and being friends from the age of 4 I think that makes us best friends.

I suppose we have lot to thank modern technology for, before Facebook, twitter, Bebo and My Space where did those people we went to school with go?  Family members we lost and ex boyfriends we forgotten about.

I personally have to thank Facebook for:

Michelle Henderson , Mel Simmons, Kerry Hoy, Fiona Robertson, Caroline Johnstone, Anita Bell, Ali Wild, Jo Nulty, Jo Ward, Kerry Smith, Sarah Williams, Sarah Letman, Gia Henry, Carrie Meaden to name and shame just a few.  These ladies are my lifeline on Facebook, they keep me sane and their lovely messages make me smile. I went to school with all of them, we were never best friends at school but I have met them all.

I also have to thank facebook for my gorgeous extended family, from little cousins Hannah, Kirsty ad Harry to more cousins Ian, Aimee and Lyndsay.  I may not have met any of them yet but I love them all dearly.

So now modern technology plays a massive part of our lives I have a lot to thank twitter for too.   I only discovered it 12 months ago, and I can safely say I have made some amazingly lovely friends.

@The Mummy Life



@Lincoln and Me

@Alli Marshall

@Beach Bum Beauty

@LBQ Blog

@Mammy Woo


@lucy’s locket

and the coolest gang of ladies i know

@Nik of oz

@lauras little bakery


@iona Tay



(To name just a few)

My special Twitter mates, the ones I can shout when I need them, the ones I really can’t wait to meet.

So it seems that I spend most of my time chatting to friends is online, by text or a snatched phone call to say I’m on my way.

Does this make me sad, that I only talk to my friend’s online or even by text?

Does this make me a bad friend? 

You decide!

Lots of love



  1. Awwwwwww you're so lovely, it's a pleasure to know you and an honour to be called your friend. Lots of love a squeezy hugs xxx

  2. I agree - I have many many folk who I reach out to on either FB or twitter and many who reach out to me. Some I know of old some I've yet to meet!

  3. I have now added our cool gang claire, how could i miss my ladies out! hahaha

  4. What a lovely post and you are a good friend too. xxx

  5. I have made lots of friends online - on Twitter, through blogs, and through a forum I am member of. I am a little cautious (esp on Facebook) but you have to just take a leap of faith and trust people. Having closed forums helps. There is nothing wrong with being friends online with people you haven't met. You have to be careful about what you share and first impressions can be deceptive.....but then isn't it like that when you meet someone in person too?!

  6. Don't be sad, you silly sausage. Look at all of those lovely people who are part of your life, especially that @beckicklesie. I've heard she's a belter.

    Our lives take over and we have to do what's right for our family. Sometimes our responsibilities mean that there's not time to attend social events or catch up over a brew. It's a pipe dream. It doesn't make you a bad friend. You're still there texting and tweeting and when the kiddies are old enough we'll get that time back and lunch dates etc. will be definitely on.

    I watched a group of women in Cornwall meet for 'Brunch' at the hotel. They had cream cakes and brews and brought their children and they acted good as gold (granted one of them was asleep in their buggy). How ideal, eyh. My child would have been swinging from the lampshades, drawing on the walls and blowing mega bubbles in his drink, so that it stained the table.

    I think we have to embrace what we've got right now, keep in touch and then have more meet ups when we get chance.

    You're not a bad person. I love you to pieces xx

  7. Your such a sweetie, your a great friend to me and I'm thankful Twitter brought us together :-) xxx

  8. Laura O'Connor1 March 2011 at 12:52

    Awww sorry it took me so long to get reading this, and lovely that you would name me! I'm terrible for staying in contact at the moment due to being stupidly busy, but we still all need to do coffee VERY soon! :)