Sunday, 20 February 2011

I Have To Make This Work!

It has been one of those weeks in the Mission household.  Apart from the normal 5 loads of washing a day, the cooking, the cleaning, the school runs, the homework, the reading books and the bath times, I really didn’t think I could fit anything else into my life.  That was until I decided to embrace the chance to add another group of services to my current business.

You see I’m normally just playing mummy and running my very small Freelance Media Company.  We are very small and my role is to find real life stories and with the help of my lovely friend and work colleague Fiona, we get those stories published in magazines such as Bella, Take 5, Take a break etc.

I love my job, I love talking to the people (as strange as they may seem at first) and I love being able to help get their stories out there, for everyone to see.  Things can be slow and steady and the income can come in thick and fast or nothing for months.  So I decided that a regular income is what this little family needs, but what?

I started searching the local ads for admin positions...Nothing.

I put my CV on Jobsite and Monster.  With all my 18 years experience there must be something...Nope Nothing.

I would lie awake for hours my mind would race.  You see the whole point in me finding an income was so I could support my family more.  We don’t need material things, the children never go short of shoes and clothes (when they need them) I was thinking on a bigger scale.  The Missions need a bigger HOUSE.

You see we live in a lovely little 3 bed semi detached house, which was fine when there were just the four of us.  It was a bit squashed with five of us, but now there are SIX of us and we have suddenly out grown the whole house.

With Teenager and Monster sharing a bedroom (13 and nearly 3) the situation is far from workable.  Teenage Mission would love his own space, for his friends to come and stay, but with Monster in his room there is just no way that can happen.

Drama and Princess also share a room (10 and nearly 5) this situation is a bit more workable as the gap isn’t so big.

Then there is me and daddy.  As much as I would love my own room away from the snoring and the farting, I would just be grateful for a bed that has space around it.  We are currently in the box bedroom which has no space at all.  When daddy wants to get out of bed he has to climb over me and normally stands on my leg or foot getting out.

So I decided to work on the principal that if I got a regular income coming into the house then Daddy really couldn’t refuse to let us move. 

I decided to work on my strengths and work with what I am good at. I spoke to some people and decided to add a Virtual Assistant service to my small company.

I have worked day and night for the last two weeks.  Looking out for free advertising, setting up a blog, a website, some social networking via BT Tradespace and badgering friends to take my business cards and leaflets into their places of work.

So far so good, *checks phone is working* *Checks inbox AGAIN*

I know things are going to be slow at first but this has to work.

I have been called a few things over the last few months; selfish seems to be the keyword that keeps getting thrown back at me by people I thought were friends.

 “You’re just being ungrateful, as you have roof over your head.”

“I should learn to just make the space work in the house and not be so demanding.”

“You’re just being a drama queen.”

“Stop being so selfish.”

To quote just a few of the sentences, which have been thrown at me over the last few months.

Believe me I have tried so hard to make everything work and if we could create another room in the house to make it a bedroom then I would.  The space in the house is unworkable; the house is just too small.

So if I have to work day and night I will make this business work.  If I have to work two jobs as well as the business then I will, for the good of my family.

So if you know any businesses, tradesmen/woman, anyone who needs some Admin and Clerical help with their business then please get them to drop me and email or give me a call.

Thanks for listening to me rant and moan (I promise I’m so not a drama queen)

Lots of Love



  1. Your known of the above to have ambition and drive.There is nothing wrong it that prove them wrong lovey prove them wrong

  2. Lovely post . You sound one v determined lady! I'm sure you will get the house you want! Good luck to you x x

  3. Hi lovely

    I cannot believe that your so called friends said those things to you. Absolutely awful :( it's natural to want the best for your family - of course you are grateful for your house but why wouldn't you want more space for your growing brood??? It's not selfish to give your teenage son his own room. Unbelievable. I'm so mad on your behalf!

    I wish you every success with your new venture, I'm sure you'll be FAB!

    Lots of love xx

  4. Oh and incidentally, I live in a 3 bed semi and I'm having to have a massive detox just to male room for my fiancé when we get married, and we fully intend to move somewhere bigger when we've settled into married life. Send your friends to me and let them say to my face that I'm selfish/ungrateful/demanding. Hmph.

    (sorry, still mad!)

  5. Thanks Lauren. I so need more friends like you :)

    i'm not mad anymore im just going to be a sucess and rub it in their faces. Xxx

  6. I think what your doing is brilliant, I really do, I'm a bit the same always pushing onwards, I might have something coming up that may be of interest to you, if you email me then I can see if its something you might be into xx

  7. They don't sound like the 'friends' you need hun. Good on you for having ambition and wanting better things for your family. What's wrong with that if your working hard for it? Xx

  8. That all sounds fabulous Alyson. xx

  9. Thanks lovely Laura, I think its because they have no ambition. thank you for your lovely words xx

  10. There is nothing wrong or 'ungrateful' about wanting a better living situation for your family! I can't believe those things were said by friends! In my experience of you, you are far from selfish.
    Maybe they fear people like you who are willing to keep going and are not scared to want more. Some people fear going for something in case things don't work out. But I am a firm believer that the regrets that get to you most in life are 'what if's.
    I know how frustrating it is trying to get something in the current job market. I think what you are doing is the best thing. You are getting up and doing something about your situation, far from just moaning about it.

  11. Like the other commenters I am quite shocked at your friends' responses. Perhaps they were meant to be taken lightly and said in a way to make you feel that you had to put less pressure on yourself?

    I admire you for wanting to continually improve yourself, to try to reach and exceed your potential and try to be the best you can be for yourself and your family. You set a fine example for your children.

  12. Oh hon! Like others I am shocked at the things that have been said to you, even more so as they have come from so-called friends! Tell them to get stuffed! Good for you for your drive and ambition and desire to provide the best for your family. Your teen definitely needs his own space and I know I would lose my temper rapidly if my OH stood on my legs, even if it wasn't his fault. Ambition seems to be a dirty word in this country. Keep going hon, you're a fantastic mum and you're setting a great example to your kids. I wish you all the very best in your new endeavours, good luck! xxx

  13. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I think that the comments from friends has made me even more determind to suceed.