Thursday, 24 February 2011

Our kids are missing out?

Yesterday on the blog I wrote a post reminiscing about my childhood, how life was simple and full of people around us.  After a few on comments last night it seemed that you all agreed our childhood was filled with Rara skirts (for the girls) He-Man (for the boys) and it was all good (most of the time).

So then I got to thinking about our kids and what they are missing out on, the world has moved on since the60’s, 70’s and 80’s so I decided to compare my list yesterday to growing up in the 90’s and Noughty’s.

So here who better to ask than the lovely Mission kids, they were all born late 90’s and early Noughty’s.

Milk Man; if you have one of these nowadays please stand up?  *Looks around* If you ask my children where does milk come from the first thing the little ones will shout is...Cows.  Ask the older Mission and they will tell you, Asda, Tesco or the local Shop.  Drama Mission saw a van the other day it had Milk written on the side of it. “What’s that mum?”  He is a Milk Man; she looked at me as if I had gone completely mad.  I had to explain what a Milk Man was and what he did.  I could see her little mind working overtime “Mum, if a Milk Man brings milk so early in the morning and leaves it on the step, won’t someone steal it?”  I had to explain that normally the only people that used to steal our milk where neighbours (but they always replaced it) and birds pecking through the foil lids (occasionally).

The Postman: He comes once a day, normally after lunch (for us anyway).  He pushes a little trolley around so he doesn’t put his back out with his heavy load.  This is because we now live in a Health and Safety mad country; we can’t sneeze without doing some sort of RISK ASSESSMENT.  They now work for minimum wage, but to bump up their earnings they deliver a load of leaflets and crap through our doors too.

Pop Man, He has now been made redundant from his weekly duties, because we keep being told that sugar is bad for our teeth.  I remember never really watching what we ate or drank when I was little.  We brushed our teeth once a day and I never had to have a filling until I was 19.  Now a day’s our kids are nagged to brush their teeth twice a day, for no less than three minutes.  Our kids have the worst tooth decay rates ever.  Why is this?

The Doctor: If you call your doctors this morning and ask to see your GP I bet only a handful of you are lucky enough to be able to say I know who my doctor is.  If I call our GP’s surgery and ask to see Dr Walton who was the doctor we were signed up to 14 years ago, you will be told sorry she doesn’t work today.  We can fit you in with another doctor in the practice.  You will almost never see the doctor you signed up to anymore; you can only get appointments for that day and only if it’s an emergency.  If you call and there are no appointments you will be offered a Triage appointment with the doctor on duty to see if you’re sick enough to warrant an afternoon appointment.  If you’re sick in the evening or at the weekend then god help you.  You have to call your surgery of a special “Out Of Hours” number.  You call them and they ask you a load of daft questions, then they tell you that a GP or Nurse will call you back.  Once the Nurse generally calls you back and tells you to come up to a special out of hours space at the hospital, where you and 200 other people will wait and wait in a germ infested room, where you could wait at least three hours for a doctor to call your name, give you a quick check over and then either give you some medication or tell you if you’re no better go back and see your GP on Monday. (Give me strength)

Coins, Are now lightweight and don’t make you feel very rich anymore, unless you’re a mum.  When you grab your purse to run to the shop and you get there to find the kids have been in it and took your £1 coins and silver and left you will a load of copper in your purse. Thank god for cards and card payments.

Notes, 21st century notes are smaller than the good old notes from the day.  You will struggle to ever find a crisp £5 note, they constantly have to change them due to fraudsters being able to copy them and sell them on the black market.

Freedom, Our kids don’t have the freedom that we had when we were younger, they now have Mobiles (well most of them) so we can track every single foot step.  We have a fear of someone stealing them, or doing horrible things to them so we wrap them up in bubble wrap and try and keep them entertained ourselves.

School Dinners, Rationing trays, portion control and Jamie Oliver have all ruined school dinners.  Our kids will never know how yummy ham and chips where from the school canteen.  It’s all sandwich bars, snack bars and a variety of healthy hot food.

School Dinner Ladies, these ladies are still in charge and some of them still look like your auntie, but if your child is upset and distressed they are not allowed to hug or comfort your child.  I have a friend who is a dinner lady and she was told when starting her role, she was not allowed to touch the child.  This is madness, if my child falls over or is upset I want the dinner lady to comfort my child end of!  I think schools should send out a form for all parents who DONT want their child comforting if they are upset and see how many send them back.

Playground Games, Three words HEALTH AND SAFETY. Yep those words again I told you we had gone mad.  Our kids are no longer allowed to Throw snowballs or play in the snow, have conker fights, play tic, play any sort of tag games, the list is endless.  It is all because we now live in a country that will sue schools if there little darling gets injured.  Even school trips are a night mare as the school had to state of their letters that if your child gets injured on a trip outside of school then your darling is not covered on the Councils insurance and you should take out your own insurance policy. (Dear god) *shakes head*

Neighbours, (I’m still not talking the Australian variety), now we have lived in our street for the past 9 years and I still don’t know all the neighbours.  If the children ride past a certain neighbour’s house then he will come out and threaten to call the police.  Neighbours just aren’t what they used to be.  When we had been living in our street for about 5 years, we noticed the young girl next door had locked herself out, being good neighbours we asked if she wanted to wait in ours until her mum came home it was raining (she was about 17) and she politely said no it was fine, half an hour passed and I went back out and asked if she wanted to wait in our porch at least just so she was out of the rain.  She agreed and 20 minutes later her mum arrived home.  I explained we had asked her to come into the house but she wasn’t too sure, her mum thanked us for being so kind and explained that the reason why she was so unsure was because no one had ever offered to take her in before now. (This makes me sad)

Street Parties A thing of the past, the closet thing our kids get to see a street party is when our neighbour goes on holiday and her boys have weeklong parties.

Payday, This is now a monthly occasion for most of us, it doesn’t get celebrated it gets calculated and shared out to make sure it pays all the monthly bills on time.

Tape Players/Walkmans, Have now been replaced by IPod’s and MP3 players, you charge them up, download your favourite tunes and away you go.

Records, If you tell your kids about records they look at you as if you’re mad. I remember Daddy Mission sorting through his Albums one day and little Teenage Mission looked at him and said “Daddy, those will never fit in the CD player” *looks in despair*

Taping your favourite songs from the top 40, this is now what the kids would call “DOWNLOADING” your favourite tunes from Itunes or other such favourites with the kids. *screams in horror*

Bath Night, This is no longer a Sunday night ritual it is now a daily experience, our kids are too clean that is why they constantly get sick.

I could go on and on about how are kids are missing out on life skills because we live in a nanny state, a country that has gone HEALTH AND SAFETY mad.

 We all live in fear that we may be sued because we sneezed over someone or looked at them in the wrong way. 

We live in a country where freedom of speech applies to only a few of us; if you are in the wrong minority group you will be judged.

 We teach our kids that they can’t leave our sides, because we fear more than the big bad man who wanders around in a big black cape, like we used to imagine him when we were little.  The big bad man is now a man or a lady and they look quite normal so how will our children ever be able to learn who is good and who is bad.

We also teach them that Simon Cowell is the font of all knowledge and he know stuff about music...Ok I lied about that one but you get the idea.

So let’s make a stand, let’s teach our kids how to be kids again.  It’s up to you, I’m teaching mine about respect and love and guiding them on the path so they can tell their children about their wonderful childhood.

Lots of love



  1. Hahaha. I can relate to most of these. Growing up in the 60's was a completely different experience to the last two decades lol.

  2. Oh i absolutely agree with your post, the world has gone mad and it is such a shame!

  3. Great post! I can't believe dinner ladies are not allowed to touch the children, we used to walk round the playground holding our dinner ladies hands and having lovely little chats with them.
    I had a friend start work in a nursery (which offers daycare for ages 0-5) recently and she was told she wasn't allowed to cuddle the children or let them sit on her knee, she asked what to do if they needed comforting and was told to talk to them and give them a 'reassuring' pat on the back!!! Unbelievable! The world has gone mad, thankfully my two get lots of cuddles at the nursery they attend x

  4. Hello I found you via MLM blog horn
    Born in mid-80s I can still relate to a few things on this list. I used to spend ages perfecting my Top 40 tape recordings, and the timing of when Foxy started to talk again aand writing down the lyrics to songs by pausing the tape player instead of just googling them...

    Can't believe dinner ladies aren't allowed to hug kids! And playground games are there to toughen you up. We'll be a nation of over-sensitive asthma-ridden brits in not too long.

    I've never seen a street party but love the idea and the sense of community it must create. May attempt to plan one for the Royal Wedding - and actually speak to our neighbours!

  5. Wat a brilliant read... totally agree x