Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Alternative Easter

Easter is a fab time of the year, Chocolate egg's, Easter Bonnets and Hot Cross buns.  This year i have made it my Mission to find alternative Products for easter.  Egg's are great but very boring sometimes so here are my top five finds:

  1. The Easter Chocolate Pizza,  Now i was given one of the Normal Pizza's to review and it was amazing.  Looking over at @boxchoc website the other night for inspiration they have an amazing Easter Pizza.

  2. Marshamallow Kebab: this was an amazing little find at our local Home and Bargin store.  Its little chick's and spring lambs all on a stick.  The kids loved these and they are adorable.

3. Next has to be gorgeous Jelly Lollies, you can get them at any Wilkinsons, Poundland and Home and Bargin stores and the kids love a bit of Jelly.

4. As a special Easter treat, Haribo have brought out a [lastic egg filled with some of their favourite treats.  These are a fab alternative to chocolate.

5. Lastly has to be some amazing little Sherbet egg's.  Still in keeping with the theme of Easter, but watch out for the Fizz.

So thats it that is my alternative Easter.If you have a good look around your local High street you may find some more anazing alternative to the chocolate egg.

HAPPY EASTER (well almost)



DISCLAIMER:  No one has asked me to review these products and i have not recieved any of these products in return for writing this post.

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