Friday, 18 March 2011

Bad Mummy Club - Bad Mother - Welsh Mum

A big warm welcome to our Bad Mummy club today to the lovely @welshmumwales  who has a fab little blog so let the plea begin.

A bad mother

When I received the honour a couple of days ago and was asked to do a blog post about being a bad mother.  At first I have to be honest I was absolutely thrilled and then panic began to set in and I questioned, ‘Am I really a bad mother?’ ‘How awful to be placed in that category!’

I suppose the answer is really that it depends how you feel about yourself and it is really only you that can truly quantify this status. The way I feel woe betide any mother criticising another mother about being a bad mother, they absolutely have no right it is hard enough as it is.  We all suffer different challenges on a daily basis as it is and quite frankly who are we to judge?

So here goes, the reasons why I think that I am a bad mother:

* I did not give birth naturally, it was via a caesarean on both occasions.

* I went back to work when both my children were 6 months.

* I work hard and often don’t get home in time to put my children to bed.

* My children say to me on a daily basis, mummy can you take me to school.  Unfortunately, I can’t – bad mother!!

* We can’t invite children over to play after school, as I am not home in time.

* I have sent my children into Nursery when they are not 100% so at least I’ll get a few hours in work and not lose my job and then wait for the phone call!

* I have given my children Nurofen to go into Nursery and not told Nursery!

* I have demanded a lot off my Nursery as I am paying for it and also I feel guilty about leaving my children there.

* I let me children wear clothes which are obviously too small for them as I haven’t got the time or money to buy new ones

* I have given my children chocolate for breakfast

* I kept my daughter in pull-ups to go to bed because I couldn’t bear the thought of getting up mid night to change beds.


  1. Many thanks for the welcome 'About Mummy Mission'. How on earth do you cope with 4 children? :-)

  2. And thank you for being our bad mummy this week. xxx