Saturday, 19 March 2011

One Word!

I seem to have been tagged by the lovely Vicky who is also @mumfordnsons85 the theme of this Meme is One Word.

Now me, I struggle to find one word every day so I hope you lot are better at this than I am.

I asked the family first, just so I wasn’t left with no one responding to this request.  I asked Daddy, can you describe me in one word? I could see his mind working overtime his response “Mummy” Well he is right I suppose.

So off I went and asked the kids:

Teenage Mission answered “Bank” well hmmm I have been called worse things.

 Drama Mission answered “Caring” that’s more like it (she got a cuddle)

Princess not wanting to miss out on cuddles answered “lovely” (she got big cuddles too)

Now for my hardest task getting Monster to describe me in one word.  This little man is going through the final months of his terrible two’s so he could come out with anything really.

Monster answered “boobies” well it could have been worse I suppose.

So now it’s your turn ONE WORD, go on how would you describe this Mummy.

Please try to be nice. 


Mummy x


  1. Hardworking

  2. Loyal
    Fabulous (sorry, wouldn't narrow it down he he) xxx