Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Day Buster Came To Play

We don’t have pets as a rule in the Mission house. Well let’s face it we have far too many kids to even contemplate another mouth to feed. We have had pets when the oldest two were little but, they didn’t last for very long.

I mean we had a Tortoise, called Maisey she was lovely and very tiny, but sadly her life came to a sad end after just 2 years.  She died of a nasty disease with a very long name, apparently when certain well know pet stores started selling these very expensive pets they failed to vet them properly and the whole batch was contaminated.  Meaning her poor life was doomed from the beginning, we have had 3 Hamsters, all vicious little buggers and a few Gold Fish which failed to make it back from the pet store.

Come to think of it I think we need to find a better Pet Shop.

Anyway, my grandparents have recently moved back to the UK after living in Ireland for a few years.  They have got the craziest dog in the world called Buster and Monster Mission adores him.

They play like they have known each other all their little lives, its amazing how quickly Monster too to Buster really.

So last week my Nan asked us to mind buster for a few hours whilst their Landlord came around to do some checks and repairs.  Monster was so excited; as soon as he woke up he told me what he was going to do with Buster.

“We will play on the slide and the swing and the trampoline” he announced over breakfast, as soon as we got back from school he demanded we went across the road to pick Buster up.

Woah, it was like having another child in the house, he was rushing about everywhere, sniffing and trying to get into places the kids don’t even attempt.

After 10 minutes of sliding on the laminate and bumping into the radiator Buster gave up and went in to the garden to play with Monster.

20 minutes had passed and I heard “oh dear, I’m telling my mummy off you”.  I went outside to investigate.  “What’s wrong?” I asked Monster.  “Buster has done a POO!” “That’s not nice is it mummy?” trying my hardest to explain to Monster that dogs really don’t care where they poo.

Trying to clean it up was the hardest part, oh THE SMELL! If you imagine changing another child’s bum when they have poo’d yep that’s what I was going through.

It was horrific, I can deal with most things but dog poo...Bleugh.

I managed to clean it up and then it was time for Buster to go home.  I felt that sense of relief, you know the one when they mischievous child had been for a play date and you can’t wait for them to go home...Yep that one.

Monster and I sat in the garden and we talked about getting a pet dog.  “so Monster shall we get a dog like buster?” he looked at me like I had two heads.

He turned to me and said “Mummy are you kidding?” “That dog poo’d in the garden, on my trampoline and he wouldn’t go down my slide...No thanks”

Later on that evening when Princess arrived home from school, Monster took great pleasure showing her all the things that Buster had done.  Horrified by the thought he had poo’d in the garden Princess came in and asked for some “diffinfectand”  “what’s that lovely?” I asked.

She pointed to the cupboard under the sink. “Its in there” I was with her now, she wanted the Zoflora Disinfectant from under the sink.  “Why do you want it?” I asked. “So we can clean the grass, the baby wipes just don’t work” she replied.

Looking a bit confused, I went outside to see what they had been up to. Oh dear, they had only gone and started cleaning the patch of grass, that Buster poo’d on with a whole pack of baby wipes.  Oh well at least the grass was clean.

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  1. Haha brilliant I love the fact that they have been cleaning the glass how cute! xx