Monday, 14 March 2011

The Teenage Years

They say when you have your first child that they will always be your baby and it’s very true.  This year my baby turned 13. *starts sobbing* Yes that’s right Teenage Mission actually became a TEENAGER!

Everyone warned me that my life would now resemble a scene from Kevin and Perry, he would wander around with his knuckles scraping on the floor and I would have to learn a whole new language of grunts and moans.

So I waited...Nothing.  What was I expecting, my lovely mild mannered son to turn into an alien? Well yes pretty much.  The day came and went still nothing, maybe he was a faulty one?  Maybe this wasn’t going to happen to my son?

A week passed by and he was still pretty normal, maybe he was part of a faulty batch of teenagers.  Maybe they left out the moody Teenager button?

I looked through some pictures, his hair was long, but it had been that way since he was 11.  His speech was pretty normal, one grunt for yes, two for no...All normal.  He spends hours on computer games and refuses to do his homework...Still normal.

Then it dawned on me, being 13 didn’t make him a teenager, he had been one since he was 11.  Good god why didn’t I see the signs he went from this

To this from the ages of 10 to 11.  God what a difference a year makes.

He had grown up, my baby was no more.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on all 8lb 12 oz of him.  He wasn’t a chunky baby; he was very long and had a great appetite, something’s never change.

I remember looking at him thinking “I made you”.  He was the most perfect little man in the whole wide world.  He has had his moments, try feeding every 2 hours from birth, not sleeping until he turned 3 and don’t get me started on the accidents.

At the age of 4 months he decided to test my motherly skills by contracting German measles, he was sent for blood tests and was prodded and poked by countless doctors.  One good thing to come out of it was the doctor said his immune system would be amazing and he would never get normal childhood illnesses.  That bit was true he was the only child from a class of 20 not to get chicken pox.

At the age of 2, his clever daddy decided to let him play with some pennies and guess what?  Yep he swallowed a five pence piece, back to the hospital.  We were told to watch out for it in his nappy for 24 hours, yep that was my job to find it.

After that he grew up fairly normally, we had the trapped hands in the deck chair incident, the split head open on the fire place, oh and the bee sting in the Adams apple incident.  But yer mainly ok.

That was until he turned 12, this was the worst year of my little baby’s life.  He fell during a training session at Tae Kwon do and he went for a routine x-ray.  That’s when they found it; he had a mass in his right knee muscle. The doctors told us that it was pieces of cartilage breaking away from between his knee caps and attaching itself to his thigh muscle.  It was around about this time he was getting really bad pains, in every joint.  They would get hot, swell up and he would find it incredibly difficult to even walk.

I watched my lively little black belt go from active man to elderly man in 2 weeks.  Whatever it was, it was taking over his body at such a fast rate.  He had every test going and they still couldn’t find out what was causing the pain.

After visiting a specialist at our local children’s hospital we were told that it was because his cartilage between his knee caps was creating a fluid and this in itself was affecting his joints.

12 Months later and he is just getting back to his normal little active self, he still can’t play football or rugby, but at least he can move.  The Mass well we will be kicking its little ass out of his life as soon as he stops his current growth spurt. (he is 13 and 5”4 already).

My son, My Hero and he will ALWAY be my baby boy.


  1. Ah what a lovely piece to your son. I hope you give this to him when he is older to read it is so lovely xx

  2. Aww....that is lovely Lena, I now have two "teenagers" although one of them is only 10, so expect ur drama mission to be joining the gang soon too! How quick they grow hey! And so glad to hear that Teenage mission is getting back to his usual self!

  3. Aaahhh bless!!! Hope he's back to his old self again soon :-))