Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mummy had a wobble.

I feel like I should be having some sort of therapy, sitting in a circle and standing up when it was my turn, saying:

My name is Lena aka Mumonamission and I haven’t blogged for three weeks.

Listening for the gasps around the room, then all the whispering starts, “How can she call herself a blogger?”

In truth, I couldn’t blog; I was having some sort of confidence crisis.  I have always had a dream of becoming a writer, (yes I know, my grammar isn’t too hot) but my blog was my baby.  I loved turning it on in the morning and having my Dear Diary moments.

Sadly it was all gone, even the kids and their funny ways couldn’t get me to open the laptop and start typing.

In truth it wasn’t just my blog that suffered this crisis; it was my business, my writing and my life in general.   I know that sounds so over dramatic, but that was just the way I was feeling.  I withdrew from Twitter and facebook and locked myself away in the hope that this feeling would simply just go away.

I couldn’t find a way out, even Princess and her “consplosion” (she meant Explosion) comment couldn’t get me writing.

Thankfully, one person who has never really taken an interest in my writing made me see what I had been missing all along.  My lovely hubby, the man who is obsessed with his baby blue camper van actually sat down and read one of my first posts.  He was actually laughing and turned to me and said “why have you stopped?”  I just cried, and I couldn’t stop.

 I didn’t know what had happened; he gave me the biggest hug and told me that I was his inspiration.  Before he had met me he hadn’t dared to dream.  He told me that he was so proud of me and everything that I had achieved in my life.  From the kids, the blog to setting up the VA Business, he said he was so proud and that I should be too.

So I decided late last night that A Mum on a Mission blog was to have an overhaul, as well as Mummy Mission herself.

So I will be dusting off the cobwebs, redesigning the blog webpage, updating the VA Business site and blog and also sorting out my life, by taking part in an amazing weight loss programme from Harley Street.  (Which I am so excited about)

It has taken three weeks for me to come to the conclusion, that I am a good person.  I am a good writer (well I think so) and I will make a success of my business.

In life sometimes it’s those baby steps we take that lead us to bigger and better things.  I am so blessed to have four beautiful children, a wonderful husband and amazing friends.  Anything else that comes my way will be a bonus.

Thanks for listening

Love you muchly



  1. good luck with all of it sweetheart - I think we all hit lows like this at various times and for various reasons but the real strength is in dusting yourself down and realising that things can be better and that we need to make changes - well done love xxxxx

  2. I totally hear where you are coming from.

    I've been the same. But When I get this way I just think of all the writers out there that get this way. Its because we love what we do so much that sometimes we get stuck.

    Maybe we should think of ourselves as fine champagne with the cork still in.

    Shake us up a bit and there will be an explosion of creativity (and bubbles)


  3. Good for you - it is good to make a fresh start to get new inspiration and cheer yourself up. Your hubby sounds wonderful. Lookmforward to seeing your new look blog soon xx

  4. How lovely is your hubby?!

    You're lovely Le, you really are. You're a good writer and you deserve it.

    Don't give up. Everyone has off days where they lose their mojo and their inspiration. Never think you're crap.

    This is YOUR space. How can you be crap in your own space?

    Well, you can't.

    Muchos love x

  5. Good luck with the revamp! x

  6. Kellie, I have never been described as fine Champagne before lovely. But you are so right, the passion just takes over sometimes and we get lost.

    You are officially my inspiration after your interview with Theo, thank you for your lovely lovely comment it means so much x

  7. Thank you, i shall be working hard on it tonight and thank you for your lovely comment xx

  8. Thanks Han, You more than anyone else know what i have been going through these past few weeks. You are an amazing friend xxx

  9. Oi lovely lady you sound like me!! That's not a good thing haha!
    You are fantastic, you WILL realise your dreams and you can be anything you want to be. I definitely agree with your fella, you're awesome!
    I can't believe I've moaned on and on at you whilst you've been feeling so low but am really glad things are on the up!!!! Xxx

  10. Oi Lovely one, you have been the one keeping me going. Helping you has been helping me and i love you for it xxx

  11. Loving the new scheme!
    You are a fab lady & a real inspiration - you've survived being a Mum of 4!
    This will succeed because you want it to & you have lots of support from lots of people, me included!
    Don't stop, keep going!

  12. Hey lovely
    I know exactly how you feel, I've spent whole weekends under the covers when its been beautiful outside, simply because I couldn't face going outside, and it's always the same person who is consistently there for me, who listens to me, lets me cry if I need to and then gets me back on my feet by reminding me it's normal for me to have these 'downtimes' because I am, after all, only human. I don't always comment on your blog, but I'm always reading it, and I think it's great. It's easy to read, and I like that you write as if you're talking to me, its emotive and personal, which is what keeps me coming back for more! That's how I try to write as well

    Anyway, I just want you to know that you're not alone, and if you need anything you have my email, plus my twitter so don't feel that you can't send me an email or a message. Glad you're taking steps to make you feel better in yourself though, it definitely makes a difference; I'm making the most of the sunshine by walking as much as possible, including to and from work and taking in the beautiful surroundings

    Big hugs and loves