Monday, 20 June 2011


I have been known to rant and shout every now and then, well we all do it, some more than others granted.

So after the week from hell, I thought I would blog about all the things that annoy me the most, so if we were ever to meet, you would know what things NOT to talk about.

Well let’s get cracking then:

  1. Firstly has to be those pesky kids on the Green Balloon Club, for some reason, Cbeebies have decided to start randomly showing some of their songs.  Please BBC STOP!  They are very very annoying; I would rather listen to some one scratching a blackboard.

  2. Chav’s, please it is NEVER acceptable to slap your child, especially around the head, and  it is even less acceptable to slap them around the head again, because the first time you did it they dropped their toy.  If I see you do this again I WILL SLAP YOU!

  3. Sly dig’s, it is never professional EVER to make a public dig at someone no matter how much you think you dislike them.  It maybe your public account and freedom of speech is your right, but as my Nan always says “If you have got nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” Wise woman my Nan. Please note this is not a dig at anyone and if you think it is then that is down to your own paranoia!

  4. Rude Neighbours, Seriously you haven’t move into the house yet so can you refrain from being rude and obnoxious thanks. And for the record Manners cost NOTHING so get some!

  5. Rude Drivers, especially those who steal your parking space just as you were about to park in it, those who have no business parking in the parent baby spaces and those who are running late for work and decide it’s their god given right to push in to an already long queue of road works.

  6. Being Late, This is more of a pet hate than an annoyance, but I suppose I inherited it from my granddad.  I hate being late for anything, I was one 2 hours early for a job interview, because I was so afraid of being late!

  7. Mobile Phones, Now I have a mobile phone, but if I go into a shop and I’m just about to be served and it rings I will ignore it until I get outside.  I hate it when people are too busy chatting on the phone to their mates about what so and so did last night, to even acknowledge the people who are serving them in the shop.  Manners people!!

  8. 8.       Dog Poop, Yes if it drops out of your dogs bottom, pick it up.  I don’t appreciate having to scrape it off my child shoe because they accidentally stood in it.  The next time you don’t pick it up, I will and then I will post it through you door.

  9. 9.       False friends, You know the ones?  They only really talk to you when they really want to know the latest gossip!  To combat this is put up misleading facebook statuses just for the windup, I know its mean, but you soon find out who your Real friends are as they will send you a delicate little email.

  10. 10.   Chocolate stealers, Now being a mum of four I understand more than most that there is nothing sacred in my house.  But the one thing I have taught my children is NOT to steal chocolate from mummy. I will share anything else, well apart from chips and coleslaw, but you understand about those don’t you?

OK so now I sound like a Grumpy Old Woman, but there they are my top 10 things that annoy me, I could have gone on the list is endless.  Now I’m not doing myself any favours am I?

So to balance me out I will give you a list of things I actually love:

  1. My Family, they make me smile everyday and I count my blessings that I have them in my life.

  2. My friends, these are the people who not only believe in me, but are always there when needed or not!

  3. My Mobile Phone, I know they are in my hate list but I adore my new baby Iphone so you have to give me that one.

  4. Facebook, because no matter how crap you think your life is there is always someone worse off than you, or someone just making a tit of themselves with statuses (Not a DIG)

  5. Twitter, makes me smile, no matter what time day or night there is always someone to talk to and from all walks of life too.

  6. Chocolate, my best friend, my soul mate, without it my life well just wouldn’t be complete (I’m lying but it does help)

  7. Wine, now this you have to understand is for medicinal purposes and is only taken when needed (most days)

  8. Internet, now what would I do without the internet; my life would simply not exist.  I’m lying again, but you know what I mean. What did we do before the internet by the way?

  9. Tea and Toast, this is the only combination that gets me going in the morning, without them I would still be in bed (I should be sponsored by them or something)

  10. Finally the apple of my eye, the sugar in my tea the icing on the cake has to be my beloved laptop, without it, there would be no blog, no social networking, no business and  I would look naked without it and believe me that’s not pretty


So that’s me warts and all, some say I’m like marmite you either love me or hate me.  But you choose and let me know what you think.

 Love you lots


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