Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day.

I actually don’t know where to start on this blog post but, I will give it a go.

35 years ago, my 17 year old mum, gave birth to a tiny 7lb baby (that’s me), when she returned home with her little bundle she didn’t have a partner to support her, as he had decided that he was far too young for any kind of responsibility and off he went.

So growing up I had a unique set of parents, I had my mum, my nan, my granddad and my god father who also doubled as my uncle Bill.

Growing up was a truly amazing experience, I had two mums, one stand in dad and an uncle who was more like a big brother.  I had three other uncles, but none of them compared to my uncle bill, he was funny, kind and gave the best cuddles in the world (he still does today).

It’s funny how now matter how young you are you can hold on to certain memories, like the time I was sick in school, my granddad had just got in from work and he took the call to come and pick me up.  I was only about 4, and I was sat in the secretary’s office feeling very ill.  She said “Your dad is on his way to collect you”, I remember sitting there thinking my dad?  I don’t have one of those.  My granddad came strolling in with a big smile on his face and took me home.  He wrapped me up in a blanket, on the sofa and gave me a glass of water.  I wasn’t allowed glasses, but I was sick.

There was a darker side of my childhood that really shouldn’t be told in this post, as it involved a wicked step father.  You know the one, if you imagine the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and you would just be about right.  (Don’t worry he won’t sue me it’s all true).

Thankfully mum saw the light and met my new improved dad, I was 13 and he was her childhood sweetheart.  He is of course the man I call Dad, he taught me how to drive, how to put a lining on my tummy before I went out drinking and came to pick me up after that midnight call home, whilst steaming drunk.

What else are dads’s for?

He also took on four young girls that weren’t his own and made us feel wanted and then went on to have my baby sister with my mum (yes people that 5 girls in one house)  Don’t worry he had a shed.

So this is my life, two amazing dads, two hardworking mums and one amazing god father/Uncle and Brother.

This father’s day I would like to say a massive thank you to all three of them for making my life complete.  They have all played a massive part in making me the person I am today, they made me strong, they made me believe in myself and they taught me that no matter what life throws at me they will always be there, telling me to get up, wipe myself down and start again.

To them I am truly thankful and blessed.

But there is also one other man in my life now, that is my husband and long suffering Daddy Mission, you see, when we first met and started going out with each other, no one knew that after just three months I would end up pregnant.

We were both shocked, but unlike my dad, Daddy Mission stepped up to the mark and he has been there ever since, loving us his family.

So ladies and gents that makes four amazing men in my life (not forgetting Teenage and Monster Mission).

I think the moral of the story is, I may not have had a “biological dad” but I do have four amazing men that more than make up for his absence from my life.

and I just want to say, Happy Fathers day, To Daddy Mission, Grandad Mission, Uncle Mission and of course my one and only Dad Mission.

Hope all you dad’s out there have a fab day tomorrow.




  1. Aww how lovely that you had so many wonderful men in your family. I hope you all have a wonderful fathers day together tomorrow and daddy mission enjoys his day!

    plus the child catcher gives me the creeps!!

    love you! x

  2. Lovely post. I too have an absent father...He went awol when he married my wicked stepmother. Luckily though I had a fab Mum. Oh and we had the opposite to you...five boys (Im the only girl) x