Sunday, 26 June 2011

Karaoke Meme...*you are advised to cover your ears*

The lovely and fabulous Tash over at The Domestic Anarchist tagged me into this rather amusing Meme.  Amusing because for one i REALLY can't sing, no i REALLY  can't! And two, I actually think i sound like Beyonce in the shower, but the word on the street is the neighbours phoned the R.S.P.C.A up because they thought someone was strangling a cat. We don't even have a cat!

Any way i'm deviating from the task in hand, So one song that i would or have sung at Karaoke.  Well I have never sang at a Karaoke for the fear of killing someones ear drums, so the only time i have sang out loud was when me and my best mate Poe very very very drunk back in the day.

Here is the song:

Can't beat a bit of Frankie baby!

Have a fab day

Love mummy x

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