Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Little Mummy Lost

Sunday was Fathers Day as you all know, but like any other day the family made a big fuss over daddy for about half an hour and then it was business as usual.  Daddy took the three little ones to Tae Kwon do and left mummy home alone with Teenage Mission.  He was actually still in bed; well he is a teenager now, and the only time he sees lunchtime is through the week, but that’s only because school is compulsory.

Anyway, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma; I had to shoot to asda to get some bits for our special Fathers day lunch.  So? , I hear you all shouting; well I couldn’t go ALONE, Could I?  I don’t think I have been anywhere alone for the past 13 years; I have always had someone with me ALWAYS.  Even a quick trip to the loo involves one of the kids.

I got into the car and drove to Asda, the car was too quiet so I turn the iPod on JLS, The Saturdays, Bob the Builder...What happened to mummy’s playlist?  I was driving so I had no time to find it, so I listened to JLS all the way there.

Once I got to Asda I drove straight in and automatically drove to the Parent and baby spaces before realising, I had no right to park there, so I drove around looking for the regular spaces that regular people park in.  I don’t think I have ever parked anywhere else in our asda car park, but I gave it my best shot to find a suitable parking space.  I got out of the car, feeling like I should be doing something or I had lost something.  Quick check, keys, purse and phone all present and correct, I automatically opened the back door without realising I was still alone.

I trotted off into the store with my list and my basket; I strolled around looking at all the lovely things around me.  I had never been so relaxed shopping before, every time I heard a shout “Mummy” I would turn around, even though I knew I was alone.

I wandered off to the sweet aisle, there wasn’t a sound, no fighting, no “Mummy can I have?” nothing, I was expecting a little announcement to come over the tannoy.

“Can the children of the lost mummy in the sweet aisle please come to the customer service desk and collect her please”

I finally finished the shopping and managed to pay for everything, strangely there was no added surprises lurking at the bottom of the basket.

I got back to the car still thinking that I had forgotten something or I was missing something.  I checked, phone, purse, keys, shopping, head.  All present and correct, the drive home was once again unusually quiet.  But this time mummy had a plan, I switched the ipod over to Mummy mode, and it was the Foo’s all the way home.  Yes, I got some strange looks when I stopped at the traffic lights, I knew what they were all saying “Look at that mum, with no kids”.  I half expected to get pulled over by the police, I wonder if it’s an offence to travel in a car with child seats and no kids in them.

Well that was it, my trip into the outside world, all alone I should have made the most of the whole hour I was away, because I know it’s never going to happen for another 13 years.

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  1. Haha, very entertaining! I know what you mean about feeling you've forgotten something. I've only been in this mummy game a little under 2 years but it's amazing how quickly you lose your sense of self (in the self+kids sense!) xXx