Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mummy is REALLY Sick

A few weeks ago now, I had to go and see a consultant about having to have an Endoscopy.  I have been having problems ever since I fell ill over New Year and it hasn’t really sorted itself out.  So after lots of pushing and shoving Daddy Mission finally got me to go to the doctors.

What is it with us mums and going to the doctors, we are quick enough to push the rest of the family into going, but we are busy little bee’s.

So after finally going, it seems I am REALLY sick after all.  It seems that ignoring my symptoms have just made things worse. 

So I suffered from a little Appetite loss, Tiredness, Excess acid and Heartburn as well as feeling bloated constantly, who hasn’t?

But I was also getting the feeling that food was getting stuck in my chest and back and the doctor shouted at me as I should have seen her sooner.

After I spoke to my GP and she immediately referred me to a consultant, who prodded and poked me.  He tested me to the limits and I felt sick from all the poking and prodding.

His diagnosis, we need the Endoscopy.  I was quietly hoping that he would say it’s just a tummy bug and it would all go away, sadly not.

So I had to relish the thought of having a minor procedure, but the thought of having someone check out my insides wasn’t thrilling me at all.  I mean what will they find in there?  I keep imagining that film, MOBY DICK!  Errmm No it wasn’t that.  It was Inner Space.

So procedure done and dusted, a little uncomfortable but not too bad and guess what they found, a tiny gastric ulcer, caused by a bacteria that has been lying on the pit of my stomach.

Explaining it to the kids should be simple, mummy has got a small ulcer, kind of like a spot in her tummy so she has to take tablets and it should shrink away.  There you go easy as pie, well maybe not.

Princess went first with the questions, “Mummy, is the ulcer big or small”, very small I told her.  Her mind started working overtime “Mummy if your ulcer is small why is your tummy very very big?” well sweetie that is mummy’s special apron, most mummy’s have one.  “Nanny has an apron” she replied “yes she does sweetie”,   “She hangs hers on the kitchen hook” she replied to be fair, my mummy apron isn’t anything like nanny’s but she went away fair satisfied with the answer.

Monster was next, “Mummy did the camera take pictures?”  yes, it did, here we go...”Why sweetie?” I asked.  “Will the doctor will put them on your facebook so we can all see them?” he replied.  “I don’t think doctors use facebook lovely” I replied, “Oh ok, maybe he will put them on youtube” he replied.

“I don’t think he will do that either huni” I said.  His little mind was working overtime, and then he came back with “But you said doctors were clever”.  “They are” I replied, “Well they can’t be that clever if they can’t use facebook or youtube, granddad isn’t clever and he has a facebook”

I couldn’t answer that one.

So the journey begins, it has been 8 weeks since I started the treatment.  The symptoms are easing every day, the bloating well I still look like I’m 9 months pregnant and it doesn’t help when people stop me and say “awww any day now?” so I will be glad when that settles.

But in another few weeks I will have to have another endoscopy to make sure all is clear from bacteria and ulcers then I can get back on the exercise wagon and start losing weight.

I never thought I would hear myself saying those words...EVER!

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  1. Hope it all goes well lovely and you have changed your blog again. Looking good xx