Friday, 1 January 2016

Updated Missions

Well i warned you that we would be back, i feel like i should be breaking out in to song or something.  *Hello, how are you?* okay maybe not.

So it's been a while since we tormented you with all the Missions antics, so let me fill you all in since we last saw you.

Teenage Mission, is getting older!!!  I know it happens to us all, but he's 18 in February.  No way i hear you all cry surly not.  I know, *checks birth certificate* i'm seriously not old enough am i?

Drama Mission, well, she is the most amazing little lady i have ever known.  She has been through some tough old times, but came back bigger and better and now has very expensive taste in clothes and make-up.

Princess Mission, well she has learnt to kick butt, she is now the youngest mission to become a black belt in Taekwondo

Monster Mission, Well he is growing everyday, he has gone from being a monster at home to being my all time favourite footballer (well apart from Leighton Baines).

Then we had a bit of a technical hitch with the blog, and when we moved we lost all our posts from 2013, this is when we were joined by the very feisty and beautiful Missy Mission. She is a ball of energy and can wrap her brothers and daddy right around her tiny little finger.

But 2015, we gained another Mission.  Welcome Messi Mission, he is only a very delicate 7 weeks old (today), but he already has us all wrapped around his little fingers.

So that's us for now, a bigger and better post following behind this one very very shortly.

Take Care

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